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What is GPS satellite vehicle tracking?

The term, GPS (Global Positioning System) in a general sense means nothing else than a navigational equipment installable or preinstalled by the manufacturer into a vehicle. Naturally, the GPS system in every case uses signals transmitted via s in Medium Earth Orbit to calculate the position of a given vehicle, but a GPS satellite positioning and tracking system is able to transmit signals required by the software used by companies providing vehicle tracking services, thus making even fuel theft preventable. This way, during satellite vehicle tracking, through the GSM network a two-way GPRS communication is established, creating an automatic and consequently permanent connection between the vehicles equipped with vehicle tracking system and the dispatch call center. This constant and automatic connection contributes to high service quality by a notable service fee reduction, for instance through free of charge messaging with the drivers.

The main element of satellite vehicle tracking - naturally, excluding the satellite GPS equipment itself - is the software developed by our company, because this software is the element that enables us to meet the various and numerous needs of our clientele regarding fleet management. The number of services or specialized vehicle tracking applications our clients are able to choose from is practically determined by this software used for GPS vehicle tracking.


The Webbase GPS satellite vehicle tracking system

Due to the specialized applications of the GPS satellite vehicle tracking system, our clientele - the fleet managers - are able to choose from several service packages that are tailored especially to their needs. Online real-time tracking is included in our basic services package. The automatic alarm applications package designed for fleet management is an especially useful package included as part of our GPS satellite tracking service that is unique in the Hungarian market. Even though this package is originally designed for logistic purpouses, it can provide great assistance in the field of vehicle or equipment mistreatment prevention.

Cost-reduction, cost-effective fleet management, manning-control, automatic alarm applications are all aspects that presumably bear great importance to all our clients. That is the reason why we suggest the installation of the GPS satellite vehicle tracking equipment controlled by an easily manageable software. With the aid of this software vehicle tracking and vehicle identification can be accomplished in a cost-effective way, thus it becomes evident that our company is the one that offers the highest number of vehicle tracking related features.


Webbase Live

Webbase Live, the software of the Webbase GPS fleet tracking system is all-accessible via the Internet from any given location.

Webbase Live is a software that is accessible via the Internet from any given location, and covers 80-90% of application options related to GPS satellite vehicle tracking. As it is accessible, for instance even from an internet cafe shop, the access and use of this software is so easy that it is recommendable for virtually anyone, even for users with no previous experience or for those who do not require obtaining any specialized analysis. Special advantage of this software is that it meets all general user-requirements; its management is outstandingly simple and easily mastered by anyone. This software used for Webbsase GPS satellite fleet tracking, by facilitating the efficient administration of fleet management, greatly supports the person attending to fleet management in its work. On the user-surface of the Webbase Live system the user will find a wide array of features aiding quick and precise analysis of all type and sort. The highly user-friendly user-surface of the software with its clear and simple setup is the token of efficient work, as the usage of all features of the software is easy to understand as well as to master. By the application of the Webbase satellite vehicle tracking system, all actions of your drivers become controllable, all information concerning their whereabouts becomes accessible, and you can easily check if your drivers are meeting all company requirements and regulations. By having access to the easy-to-use software of the Webbase satellite fleet tracking system the fleet manager - with only a few mouse-clicks - is able to create assessment on all driver activities and plan optimal transport arrangements. We are prepared to utilize every means at our disposal to meet your requirements for individualized services, as well as to offer company-tailored solutions.

We could go on and on about the benefits of the Webbase Live fleet tracking system as well as about the endless possibilities provided by the software, as virtually all tasks related to vehicle tracking are manageable via the use of this program. However, as we have mentioned earlier a number of times, we do not intend to "win" clients who are discontented with a uniformized vehicle tracking software, or to force upon our clientele a pre-set, un-modifiable vehicle tracking system.

That is why we kindly suggest that you counsel our field representative who will be able to provide you with all related information on the possibilities of the system, as well as to offer the best reliable vehicle tracking solutions.


Webbase FloMon

Webbase FloMon, a preinstalled software of the Webbase GPS vehicle tracking system, among other things designed to prevent fuel theft.

Webbase FloMon is also accessible via the Internet, but a program installation CD is required for the installation of this GPS satellite vehicle tracking software. However, following its installation, the program automatically upgrades itself upon every activation in order to provide users with the most recent fleet tracking version. Due to its technology the FloMon contains a notably greater amount of data, and is able to manage the software with a considerably greater speed. Thus, the FloMon - the preinstalled software of the Webbase GPS satellite vehicle tracking system - though being able to provide a greater amount and more detailed information, is able to meet more complex and more specialized requirements than the Webbase Live. This software is recommended for users and companies requiring greater amount and more detailed analysis within their user- or company networks, and for those intending to utilize the acquired information and data in their future work processes. For instance, with the utilization of this preinstalled Webbase GPS satellite vehicle tracking software the fuel level monitoring option becomes complete, as the Webbase FloMon software includes the greatest number of data-analysis, chart and diagram pertaining to and warning of fuel and gasoline theft.


Free of charge messainging with drivers

The complex system including the hardware equipment installed into vehicles as well as the custom-developed and installed Webbase Chart&Drive communication software application - containing the free of charge messaging option - provides unparalleled assistance in a way that the dispatch call center of the company managing the fleet is able to communicate practically free of charge with drivers on international routes. Moreover, due to this selfsame GPS and satellite positioning system based GPRS fleet managing technology aiding cost-effective fleet management, as well as to the online vehicle tracking service, drivers can keep in touch and maintain contact through free of chare messaging with each other as well. Due to the GPRS connection within the GPS tracking fleet management system the - still high priced - roaming calls and text messages become unnecessary, because the drivers have the possibility to exchange messages free of charge with the dispatch call center as well as with each other. At the same time, the fleet manager - through satellite tracking - is able to continually monitor the activity of the drivers as well as the vehicles.


Prevention of fuel theft

Fuel theft is a present problem affecting the activities of every fleet managing and fleet operating company using even the most up-to-date fleet managing technology. Different experimental solutions were developed for prevention of fuel theft even prior to the development of GPS satellite based vehicle tracking systems utilizing FMS or Canubus technology. A number of technological methods that today are considered dated are known by which the amount of fuel filled into the tank of a vehicle and the amount of fuel used is measured. Most of these technologies - due to their inaccuracy and unreliability - currently are not in use. The unique solution based on Canbus technology - also feasible for the prevention of fuel theft - offered by us can be installed simply, quickly and through a method that is way more cost-effective than installation by the manufacturer - which is not an irrelevant aspect either. Installation of this unique solution is possible even if the fleet manager did not take into consideration the pre-installable FMS connection option at the time of the purchase of the vehicle. The Webbase ProLine service that is truly unique in the Hungarian market is capable to measure with even up to ±1% accuracy the actual amount of fuel consumed by the engine of the vehicle. Furthermore, the dispatch call center can receive in every minute an update on the actual fuel level and the modification of the fuel level of the vehicle through the automatic alarm feature via the GPRS network. Thus, this system is perfectly feasible for the prevention of fuel theft, as well as for the defining of the location and the exact time of the occurring fuel theft by providing online, true-time tracking.


Automatic alarm feature

What does the automatic alarm feature entails within the GPS satellite vehicle tracking system?

It is evident that a fleet manager or operator of a company or fleet operator organization owning a vehicle fleet consisting of a large amount of vehicles, during its every day work is unable to monitor each vehicle of its fleet, thus the owner has little knowledge of the whereabouts and condition of most of its vehicles. For instance, the owner is unable to properly monitor the run time, the actual location and the fuel consumption of each of its vehicles, as well as is unable to guarantee that all the drivers observe traffic regulations. This is why our company has developed a vehicle tracking system that includes an automatic alarm feature based on GPS satellite signals. During vehicle tracking this feature automatically informs the client of all events perceived by the client to be significant pertaining to the working of the vehicle.

What type of events can be monitored by the automatic alarm feature option?

Within the features of GPS satellite tracking, automatic alarm option can be set, for instance to monitor predetermined speed limits, thus the vehicle registration pate number will appear of each vehicle exceeding compulsory speed limits, automatically signaling that the driver of the given vehicle has failed to observe applicable traffic regulations. The automatic alarm option can be set in a way that the tracking system will send a warning message if the vehicle is stationed on a location marked in our database as illegal fuel or pallet distribution location, thus the GPS satellite vehicle tracking system will warn you on all events you need to know about pertaining to the proper management of your fleet and the monitoring of your drivers. Our database on such events is continually upgraded. In the case of companies engaged in product distribution or in the case of employees using vehicles to go on business appointments, on the map of the Webbase satellite vehicle tracking system the locations of competitor companies can be marked and even the amount of time spent on any location can be calculated. Only the shortness of time prevents us from continuing the ever so long list of application possibilities the automatic alarm feature option of the GPS satellite vehicle tracking includes, as with the help of the GPS signal based vehicle tracking software the automatic alarm feature option can be set to an endless number of conditions specified according to the needs of our clients, the fleet managers.


Driver monitoring

On the map appearing on the "Present" page of our website - based on the online real-time GPS vehicle tracking - you can continually monitor the geographical position of your vehicles and the current activity of your drivers while using our software under the trade name Webbase-Live. All vehicle drivers can be monitored from any part of the world via the satellite based GPS fleet tracking system with the aid of different setup options. You can check and see if the drivers are taking a detour from their preplanned travel rout, if they fail to stop at a preplanned location or destination, if they fail to abide by traffic regulations, or perhaps unnecessarily tank fuel. The options of vehicle identification and vehicle usage monitoring are at the disposal of the fleet operator and the fleet management at any time. With the possibility of the drivers being monitored at any time via the satellite GPS fleet tracking system, management becomes more cost-effective and administrational work is greatly simplified.


Cost-effective fleet management

With the aid of numerous easy-to-use software - among many others, the Webbase FloMon - and hardware offered by us, on the one hand the number of manned work hours can be reduced, on the other hand - with the application of such software and hardware - the run of your vehicles can be optimized, the activity of your drivers can be monitored during any time of the day, and thus the goals of manning-control, cost-effective fleet operation and up-to-date fleet management can be accomplished. Our experience gained as to this day prove that in possession of the above listed information our clientele - the fleet operators and the fleet managers - are able to accomplish a great deal in the area of technical upkeep and usage-maximization of their vehicle fleet, of employee monitoring, of vehicle identification, as well as in the area of economization of the usage of vehicles, and are able to cut back on unnecessary administrational tasks. All this is accomplished with the aid of an easy-to-use software, offering the highest number of vehicle tracking feature options.

Thus, cost reduction is accomplished in numerous areas via the GPS based vehicle tracking with the application of the Webbase satellite fleet tracking system, namely, for instance through the feature of free of charge messaging with drivers enabling a virtually costless way of GPS based communication between the driver and the dispatch call center. Furthermore, there is a possibility that the drivers - by taking advantage of your trust - obtain gasoline through illegal means, the cost of which will be deducted from your company profit. With the aid of satellite vehicle tracking and the application of the GPS vehicle tracking system fuel theft can be prevented and avoided, and if effective gasoline management and driver monitoring is attained, unaccounted for fuel consumption can be radically decreased. As a result of such further decrease in costs, cost-effective fleet management can be achieved.


Cost-effective fleet management

How can cost-reduction be achieved through effective fleet management?

By stating that with the application of cost-effective, company-tailored vehicle tracking, and with the application of GPS satellite tracking software - among others, Webbase FloMon - and hardware cost-effective fleet operation and fleet management can be achieved, our basic intention is to bring to your attention two important aspects. One aspect is that the application of GPS vehicle tracking reduces the need for manpower employment. The other aspect is that the run-parameters of the vehicles can be optimized, and the activity of the drivers can be monitored in virtually any given moment of the day. The latter aspect is of especially great importance because, in the world of cargo transport it is a well known fact that numerous problems related to fuel or even the act of fuel theft can be prevented by effective fleet- or vehicle monitoring.

How can cost-effectiveness be further aided during GPS vehicle tracking?

By the application of our satellite vehicle tracing system enabling cost-effective fleet management, virtually every move of the drivers can be monitored by signals transmitted to the dispatch call center - via the GPRS network - thus a number of subsequent misunderstandings can be avoided, and the drivers continue their work more consciously, with this thought in mind. Although many think of "signal transmitting" on the accelerator pedal position, and on the current rev - features included in GPRS cost-effective fleet management - as unnecessary information, our prior experience proves that in possession of such information our clients were able to accomplish a great deal in the area of technical upkeep and usage-maximization of their vehicle fleet, as well as in the area of cost-effective fleet operation and fleet management, and were able to cut back on unnecessary administrational work.


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